Substance abuse is a risk factor for contracting HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s).  Through risky sexual behaviors and needle use and sharing, their drug dependence becomes a primary route to acquiring HIV and other STI’s.

The training team at CompDrug deliver accurate and up-to-date information on STI’s to the substance abusing population in a candid and enlightening format. Through appropriate and creative educational sessions, which are often humorous in nature, people are relaxed and ready to learn information about a historically taboo subject. The program works to break-down social norm barriers and stereotypes concerning HIV/STI’s and promotes safe sex practices, risk reduction and HIV/STI/Hepatitis C testing for clients.

Senior Sense

The Senior Sense program works with older adults who live independently and manage their own medications. Seniors are at risk for medication mis-management because of the large amounts and varying types of medications needed for curative purposes or to maintain good health. Seniors may suffer from difficulties including: non-assertiveness with healthcare providers, medical impairments, isolation and grief that can lead to intentional and unintentional medication abuse and use of alcohol and other self-remedies to cope.

The Senior Sense program empowers older adults to safely manage their medication and change their behaviors concerning alcohol use through discussion and activities. All materials, group session and trainer expertise is gender and age specific in approach, which creates a warm, fun and safe environment for learning and sharing.

BINGO – Senior Sense “BINGO” is a FUN, interactive and educational presentation.  Our staff will come to your organization with this free program and provide participants with information for healthy living.  It will focus on the prevention of alcohol abuse and the misuse of medications.  The presentation incorporates  a trip down memory lane while learning simple ways to keep themselves safe and healthy.

STI/HIV – Seniors are the second highest age group encountering STI’s and HIV, (ages 18 to 24 being the highest group).