The below groups are currently available, and we are opening more groups as we are able. Please call 614.224.4506 option 1 to schedule.

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Group counseling is offered daily addressing various topics on different days. A few of the topics include Healthy Relationships, Co-Dependency, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Anger Management, Relapse Prevention and Art Therapy.

Increasing reflective functioning, emotional regulation and interpersonal conflict management skills are themes addressed directly or indirectly in all groups. These themes have been identified extensively by research to be areas of deficit for individuals engaging in problematic behaviors related to self and others.

Open: Open groups are open to any CompDrug patient anytime the group is in session. No referrals or advance notice required to attend – join us anytime, all are welcome! 

Closed: A closed group may have specific requirements or criteria, and therefore requires a referral to the group. Please inquire with a counselor for more information about a specific closed group. 

Art Therapy (Open) – Provides a stress-relieving opportunity for attendees to use a variety of art materials to support one another. Through both verbal and non-verbal communication, participants will support each other in exploring and healing from difficult topics, using evidence-based practices that support the group. 

Catch A Wave (Open)The Catch a Wave Group uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which is a structured, science-based therapy that teaches people skills to tolerate difficult emotions, improve mood, live in the moment, navigate relationships, practice selfcare, and move toward self-acceptance. This group will be practical, fun, and educational. The group is open to anyone at any stage in their recovery. Having concerns about privacy or deep discussions? No need to fear! This group focuses on learning and practicing skills, not deep sharing.

CompDrug 101 (Open) All new patients are required to attend “CompDrug 101during their first three months of treatment. This four-part series allows patients to get familiar with CompDrug and learn how our team can be a resource in recovery. Patients will meet staff along the way who will help them understand the treatment guidelines and who can answer questions and concerns.

Empower Me (Open)This group is all about Motivation to Move one step at a time through the things that may keep us from going forward. You will have an opportunity to share Hope, Strength, Encouragement for Change. We focus on Fear and the different forms of fear; Boundaries and how to have healthy boundaries; and Self-Care, why it is important and the tools for life budgeting and time management.

Healthy Recovery (Closed) – This group allows patients to share their journeys to improve their quality of life focusing on four major dimensions that support a life in recovery: Health, Home, Purpose, & Community.  Contact Kevin Carroll at 614.224.4506 extension #156 if you’re interested in attending.

Hepatitis C Support (Open)Offers education and emotional support to patients affected by hepatitis. Topics of discussion will include treatment options, diet and nutrition for a healthier liver, as well as referrals to treatment. This is not a medical group to give advice or treatment for hepatitis, but rather a clinical group to share information from reputable resources, as well as a supportive environment for patients to express fears, challenges and success stories regarding hepatitis. 

PHP / IOP Orientation (Open) This is an introduction for Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). If a patient is interested in PHP/IOP, the patient can attend this orientation to determine if they qualify. If a patient cannot attend an orientation session to determine if they qualify, please call 614-224-4506 extension 127 or 201 to arrange an individual session.

Let It Grow (Open) This group allows for the integration of body, mind, soul and earth.  Benefits mood, energy, focus, teaches patience, relieves loneliness and provides accountability. Please wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing and be ready to be involved. This group occurs during gardening season only, from the last Tuesday in March until the last Tuesday in October. To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow” ~Audrey Hepburn 

Mind Body Connection (Closed) A group for women to work on healing their body-mind connection through trauma yoga. This is not recommended for pregnant patients. Please talk to your counselor if you are interested in a referral to the group. The group is limited in space and to those who can commit to weekly sessions due to the structure of the course. Yoga mats and equipment are provided. Modifications are made for those who need them.  

Ready for Baby (Closed) Ready for Baby is a pregnancy group providingeducation and support for pregnant patients. This group isan ongoing 10–week program offering topicsincluding safe sleeping, breastfeeding, reproductive planning, child services, impact of use of medication for an Opiate Use Disorderduring pregnancy, and what to expect upon delivery. This group is for any CompDrug patient who is pregnant.

Relapse Prevention Group (Open) The Relapse Prevention Group is an open group opportunity for anyone who wants to reach and maintain a satisfying, substance-free life. Each week, group members share what is on their minds and discuss issues that are important to them in recovery. 

Rules Update (Open) CompDrug will provide patients with updates and information about changes, old and new, primarily focusing on the Medical Department. 

SMART Recovery (Open) Self-Management AndRecovery Training (SMART) is a community support group open to anyone struggling with an addictive behavior. At meetings, participants help one another resolve problems with any addiction such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, over-eating, and more. Participants find and develop the power within themselves to change and lead fulfilling and balanced lives guided by our science-based and sensible 4-Point Program®.

Stress Management (Open) Focuses on understanding how stress affects the body and recovery. Patients will learn how to identify individual stressors, how to change behaviors that continue the stress cycle and how to utilize relaxation techniques to feel calm lower cortisol level, blood pressure and reduce anxiety after making regular lifestyle changes.

The Incredible Years Babies (Closed) The Incredible Years Babies group is a parenting support group for women who have a child less than one year of age. Infants are invited to attend sessions with their mothers. Patients focus on real-life situations encouraging their babies’ physical and language development. Patients role play and practice what they have learned with other patients who have given birth. Homework is given every session and reviewed the following session.