The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a trauma-informed, mental health, wellness treatment modality for people who have experienced negative consequences related to substance use. Programming is intensive, with patients receiving mental health and substance use counseling focusing on strengthening reflective functioning, emotional regulation, and interpersonal conflict management skills. The program is non-punitive, educational, and supportive, encouraging participants to increase self-awareness, and build strengths and skills necessary for independent substance-free living. Group participants are a vital element of this modality as they help us learn the value of acknowledging and appropriately expressing feelings in a supportive environment. Learning emotional vulnerability is a natural, healthy experience and a key element of the modality. 

The Intensive Outpatient Program Includes: 

  • Assessment of general personality and specific areas related to self-enhancing/self-regulating responses to life challenges. 
  • Case management services. 
  • Screening for substance use.
  • HIV/STD education.
  • Anger management and assertiveness training.
  • Parenting skills education.
  • Domestic violence education.  

Patients participate weekly in nine hours of group therapy (three hours daily, three days per week), and one hour of individual therapy. Patients complete IOP when they have finished a minimum of 95 hours (approximately ten weeksof treatment. 

 IOP is a closed treatment program. One must first attend IOP orientation to determine if the group is a good fit.  Read more about IOP Orientation. 

Introduction to IOP (Orientation): Mondays, 9am – 10am

Meeting Links for Intensive Outpatient Program Group Counseling

Groups are open to CompDrug patients only. Unauthorized persons will not be permitted to attend. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be cause to be removed from the meeting. Click on the appropriate group name to access the meeting via Microsoft Teams.

IOP: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 11am – 130pm