CompDrug CEO Talks About Opioid Crisis

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Central Ohio Drug Treatment Facility Hopes to Save Lives

ABC6 spoke with a former patient who’s now helping others. Andrea Farley told ABC6 that she spent years addicted to drugs and was homeless on the streets. She’s now telling her story in hopes of helping someone else.

“I know what they’ve been through and the journey isn’t always easy,” said Farley.

At rock bottom, she ended up at CompDrug. Counselors at the Columbus area treatment facility helped her through her emotional, physical and mental health issues.

“It saved my life, literally saved my life,” Farley told ABC6.

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CompDrug Provides Reproductive Health Services to Women in Drug Treatment to Reduce Infant Deaths

Christine Sander, director of Ohio Better Birth Outcomes, said the service also has the potential to help reduce the number of babies born withdrawing from drugs taken by their mothers. Women can also learn that the risk of infant prematurity is reduced if she waits 18 to 24 months between pregnancies.

“It gives them the knowledge and options to first focus on their recovery before deciding to get pregnant,” said Sander, who also directs infant wellness at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. “Postponing pregnancy until they reach sobriety is much healthier for mom and baby and families.”

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