CompDrug offers a Pregnancy and Parenting Pathway program. This program provides wrap around services for pregnant people struggling with a Substance Use Disorder to ensure the health of both the patient and their infant. This pathway of services follows a patient through the duration of pregnancy and continues until the child’s 2nd birthday.  The goal of the Pregnancy and Parenting Pathway program is to improve maternal and infant outcomes, promote family stability, and to reduce effects of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) and Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS). This program is funded through The Maternal Opiate Medical Supports (MOMS) program of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

 Perinatal services include the following:  

      • Support from a Perinatal Nurse, Counselor and Care Coordinator 
      • Case Management 
      • Prenatal Group: Ready for Baby (see details below) 
      • A diaper bag, car seat, stroller and crib are provided to patients 
      • Transportation assistance 
      • Additional support needed during and after pregnancy 

Pregnant patients who are enrolled in our Pregnancy and Parenting Pathway are offered a “CompDrug Care Plan,” outlining their current support systems, basic needs, birth plan, support for infant and patient after delivery, needs of other children, and needs of other caregivers in the home.  

Please review our program information. Pregnancy and Parenting Pathway Flyer Handout

Interested in Starting Treatment at CompDrug?

Interested patients should complete the intake paperwork. After completing the paperwork, come to CompDrug at 547 East 11th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211. If you are not able to complete the paperwork online, you can still walk in to CompDrug and we will assist with the intake paperwork.  

Contact for questions regarding our services.  

Connecting to Prenatal Care

Any person who knows or suspects they are pregnant and needs to be connected to prenatal care can visit StepOne for a Healthy Pregnancy at 614-721-0009 or visit their website.

Ready for Baby Series (during pregnancy)

Ready for Baby is a pregnancy group providing education and support for pregnant patients. This group is an ongoing 10week program offering topics including safe sleeping, breastfeeding, reproductive planning, child services, impact of use of Medication for an Opiate Use Disorder during pregnancy, and what to expect upon delivery.