Perinatal services focus on the time before, during, and after pregnancy Wrap-around services for pregnant women struggling with opiate addiction are extremely important to ensure the health of both a mother and her infant. This pathway of services follows a women beginning prior to pregnancy, through the duration of pregnancy, and through her child’s first birthday.

Connecting to Prenatal Care

Any women who knows or suspects she is pregnant can get help with prenatal care options by calling StepOne for a Healthy Pregnancy at 614-721-0009 or visiting StepOne coordinators will schedule doctor’s appointments, find and enroll participants in insurance programs, and help secure support for any challenges or barriers pregnant women may face in receiving care.

Ready for Baby Series (during pregnancy)

This is a nine-month series during pregnancy that all pregnant patients at CompDrug are enrolled in for the duration of their pregnancy. Series includes a monthly educational seminars on topics including safe sleep, breastfeeding, reproductive planning, child services, impact of MAT treatment on fetus, and what to expect upon delivery. In addition to the education seminars, women participate in a monthly group where the educational seminar of the month is discussed. And, women also complete a 1-time individual session with a counselor to assess their risk for depression during and after pregnancy.

MOMS Program (during + after pregnancy)

Our MOMS program provides a ‘one-stop’ shop of services to women throughout pregnancy to meet both their addiction treatment and pregnancy needs. Patients in the MOMS program are seen for the duration of pregnancy though six weeks postpartum at the Maternal Infant Recovery Clinic (MIRC) where they receive prenatal services, medication assisted treatment (MAT) using buprenorphine, and group and individual counseling. Patients then transfer to CompDrug for continued addiction treatment, at minimum, through one year after delivery. Patients are served by partners from multiple organizations in addition to CompDrug including Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Mount Carmel Health System, Ohio Health, Central Ohio Newborn Medicine, Maryhaven, and Amythest. This program is funded, in part, by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (ODMHAS).

Incredible Years Infant + Toddler Program (after pregnancy)

This evidence-based program is the next step for women in the perinatal services pathway. After delivery, women are enrolled in this two-part parenting intervention program. The 8-session Infant portion focuses on teaching parents how to assist with babies’ cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development. The Toddler portion 12- week session teaches skills to effectively communicate, discipline, reward and nurture.

Parenting Group (after pregnancy)

This optional group is available to anyone with a child of any age. This is a good next step after completing the Incredible Years.