Attention patients with Medicaid!

CompDrug wants to inform you of an upcoming change that may impact you.

How do I know if I have Medicaid Insurance?

Medicaid is a Federal and State program to help those with limited income and resources and provides healthcare coverage to millions of Americans. Currently, there are five (5) providers of Ohio Medicaid Insurance:


How will I be affected?

Medicaid needs your current contact information before re-enrollment on May 1st! If your contact information is not updated, your benefits could end. To prevent your Medicaid Insurance from ending, take 1 of the 3 steps listed below ASAP.

Why are you sharing this information now?

Medicaid has a renewal period each year called “Re-determination.” During this time, a person’s benefits can be cancelled if they cannot be contacted to verify their eligibility (i.e. if your income can’t be verified). Medicaid was not ending anyone’s benefits during the Public Health Emergency due to COVID. That Public Health Emergency is expiring, and benefits can once again be cancelled if a customer’s contact information is not up-to-date.

It’s very important for you to take one of the steps listed above if you wish to continue your Medicaid benefits. Unfortunately, CompDrug cannot do this for you. We simply want to inform our patients to help you avoid any issues with your healthcare.

Contact your local Job and Family Services Department for more information.