Guest Dose at CompDrug

CompDrug offers guest dosing to individuals enrolled in another opioid treatment program who are traveling away from their home clinic. If you are traveling to the Columbus area and need to guest dose while in town, your home treatment facility needs to fill out the proper paperwork HERE

Guest dosing guidelines are established by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) so while it can be an easy process, it is still a process. The list below covers the guidelines that we must follow. This form must be received no later than two (2) business days (between the hours of 6am to 2pm) prior to your patient’s arrival.


  1. Per CompDrug’s Medical Director, patients can only guest dose for a maximum of 14 days
  2. CompDrug will not guest dose above 200 mgs of Methadone a day
  3. Picture ID is required
  4. Cost: $20 per day (correct change, money order, or credit card) / no charge if Ohio insurance
  5. Payment is required on day of service
  6. A signed Release of Information must accompany the Guest Dose Request
  7. A lock box is required on Saturday for Sunday & Holiday take-home medication
    1. Lock box must be ALL metal with key or combination lock
  8. No take-home medication is given for guest dosing with the exception of Sundays and holidays

Transfer to CompDrug


  1. To begin the transfer process, a pre-admission urine must be given at CompDrug. The urine must be negative for sedatives (including benzodiazepines and alcohol) and barbiturates.
  2. The cost of the services are as follows:
    1. Guest dosing = $20 per dose until transfer is completed
    2. Must have financial payor source, for example Medicaid
  3. Must have a current Driver’s License with a picture or a State ID with a picture.

Please mail or fax the following information

    1. Signed Release of Information
    2. Documentation of Addiction
    3. Medication Order
    4. History & Physical Exam (if within 90 days)
    5. TB Test Results or Chest X-Ray (if within 90 days)
    6. All Available Lab Results (if within 90 days)
    7. Toxicology Results from the last 3 months
    8. Completed Guest Dosing Form

The decision regarding acceptance of this patient to our clinic will be made after the patient has met admission criteria and our physician has agreed to move ahead with the transfer.

In the meantime, your patient will be medicated as a guest doser, under your physician’s order, until we verify pre-admission toxicology results, are able to schedule an intake and our physician reviews the data and accepts or declines admission of your patient.

Method of payment should be addressed prior to arrival.

Emergency Medication Dosing:

  • CompDrug provides Emergency Dosing for patients whose home OTP has an unexpected emergency closure.
  • CompDrug provides this service during our normal medicating hours from 6a-1p Monday-Friday and 6a-9a Saturday.